Our Little Souls : Destined to Please God

Anna D Johnson

Our Little Souls is a book that has been written to help children identify their gifts and talents in Childrens ministry. As the story begins a little girl named Amayah, who loves Jesus has joy and excitement in her heart as she enter into this amazing room called childrens church every Sunday morning, a place where biblical teachings and demonstrations are used to help them understand the character of Jesus Christ. Shes always looking forward to joining kids her age and a little older. As children grow from toddlers to teens Childrens Ministry can teach them to become friends with Jesus first by helping them to understand that they are important to God and he loves them, even if they are alike or different. Our Little Souls will help teach children how to use their God-given gifts and talents. To help children be all that God has created them to be, let them stand and take their God-given place in ministry that will allow them to grow into their gifts. Also helping children to know that prayer should involve every believer young and old, boys and girls teaches them to pray for one another and to see that they are beautiful from the inside out. Together we can help prepare children, youth and adults to be Leaders in tomorrows Church and Communities as they are coming to know Jesus. My hope is to encourage and inspire yow- little one(s) as you, family or a friend share this story to help their precious and blameless soul understand that Jesus is Love and he Loves the little children. I find that as I give opportunity, the children cheerfully volunteer using their gifts and talents to help serve others puts a smile on their face. Enjoy and blessings!