Performance Culture - Drive Profits & Create a Great Workplace : Performance Culture Provides a Simplified Approach to Create a Company Culture That Increases Business Value, Profitability, and Workplace Satisfaction -- An Approach That Has Proven to Work

MR Dallas Romanowski

PERFORMANCE CULTURE provides a simplified approach to create a company culture that increases business value, profitability and workplace satisfaction - an approach that has proven to work in the companies we coach. Many of our clients have significantly grown their business by implementing the four elements of Performance Culture. These elements include Effective Leadership, Niche Strategy, People Management and Process Excellence. This book includes a project plan as well as online code to download templates to implement PCS in your company. Our approach to leadership development will help you earn the will of your team, communicate clearly and hold your team accountability. The Niche Strategy model will create a Unique Value Proposition and improve your competitive advantage. People Management will define employee expectations for both behavior and performance and includes an organizational structure that rewards star employees. Focus and time management will improve through 90-day plans and weekly leadership team meetings. Process Excellence will help you build a scalable company that consistently delivers quality products and services. The company scorecard will measure key performance indicators and help you identify potential issues before real problems arise. The idea to write this book occurred while I was recapping the success of many of our clients. This discussion took place during the height of the recession that began in 2008. While many companies were struggling, many of our clients were growing. In some cases the growth was amazing (25% to 200% APR). We created a list of our fastest growing clients and included the key elements that were making these companies successful. After completing the list, we looked for common traits among the successful companies. What we found was revealing. While the successful companies were doing many things differently, we did find four common traits. These traits included effective leadership, niche strategies, a great team & workplace (people) and process excellence. The company owners led in a way that earned the will of their team. They hired right, communicated expectations and held team members accountable for results. The companies focused on very specific target markets and offered unique products and services. Their niche strategies enabled them to win and earn higher profit margins. The leaders focused on process excellence and made sure processes were documented, followed and constantly improved. Developing a Performance Culture that produces long-term benefit takes discipline and commitment -- the essential elements required to create good habits. In the book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business the author, Charles Duhigg, explains how business leaders achieved success by focusing on the patterns that shape every aspect of our lives. The Performance Culture System will show you a set of patterns to achieve success for you and your company. These patterns include: Effective Leadership -- Three rules to become a great leader Niche Strategy -- Tips on how to create a compelling value proposition and competitive advantage People Management -- Simple Human Resource Management methods to hire right and motivate employees to do their best Process -- A simplified framework to create a scalable operation that delivers consistency and quality